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Fixin' to Live

Fixin' to Live

From the day I turned 16, I was out exploring dirt roads.  Thankfully, where I grew up in Colorado there are lots of them.  My absolute favorite leads to this place, Deep Creek Canyon.  All through high school, I was consistently drawn back to this place.  It seemed like there was endless opportunity for exploration.  Much of that came in the form of caving (Fixin' to Die being the main cave).  But, eventually I just had to explore the virgin cliff faces and their untapped climbing potential.  I borrowed my dad's drill, bought some bolts from the climbing shop, and established one of the first climbing routes in Deep Creek.  I named it "Fixin' to Live."  Almost ten years later, I was back, this time with my camera in hand.  After spending 4 hours in Fixin' to Die, and photographing one of its main features, we made it out in time to watch the sunset.  It was perfect timing to go climbing.  Once it was truly dark, I strapped on my lights and reclimbed my route under the moonless night and the light of the milky way.

  • Mounting

    All prints are delivered ready to hang with a 1 inch backing that "floats" your print off the wall.  This gives your photo that extra pop and gallery style look.

  • Signature

    All metal prints (except the 8x12) come with a backstamp printed onto the back of the photo.  The backstamp includes the name of the photo, the location (including the name of the rock climb where applicable), and my signature.  

    I personally sign and title all acrylic prints.

  • Acrylic vs. Metal

    I only work with the highest quality printers for my work.  So, whether you choose to go with a metal or acrylic print, I guarantee that you'll be happy with your new art.  


    The metal prints are printed on ChromaLuxe aluminum panels.  They are a great lightweight option.


    The acrylic prints are printed on a Lumachrome HD photopaper and then finished off with an acrylic facemount.  This is the absolute highest standard in photo printing.  If you want the best of the best, this is your option and it is the one I choose to display in my own home.

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