My grandmother wanted to know how I take those "absolutely wonderful photographs" (classic doting grandmother).  So, I took her out and showed her.  


We had a wonderful evening. She sat in the dirt and cold night air, yelling up encouragement and getting into the creative process by giving me new things to try.  


She was my best assistant yet and this is what we came up with.

Metal Prints
  • Mounting

    All prints are delivered ready to hang with a 1 inch backing that "floats" your print off the wall.  This gives your photo that extra pop and gallery style look.

  • Backstamp

    You can choose to add an optional backstamp to your print.  The backstamp includes the name of the photo, the location (including the name of the rock climb where applicable), and my signature.  It's a $20 add on for sizes under 20x30 and comes free with sizes 20x30 and up.  It's not available on the 8x12.