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Moonlight Tricksters

Moonlight Tricksters

Took an impromptu detour through Joshua Tree National Park the other night and it was well worth it.


Along with the experience of being woken up in the middle of a moonlit night (while sleeping in the dirt) by a pack of particularly "unskittish" and uncomfortably close coyotes, I also came away with this photograph.  And I quite like it. 


I figured when in Joshua Tree, do as the photographers do and spotlight the joshua trees.  In this case, I took that quite literally.  I wanted to highlight these alien looking trees by making them look even more alien, almost as if aliens themselves were delivering them before flying off (the shooting star was pure happenstance).  I was quite alone and the only source of light I had beyond my LEDs was my cell phone (an artifact of the impromptuness of the night (and a real pain when I was trying to suss the beta on the boulder problem of unknown grade via moonlight alone and with no pad)).  Thankfully all went well.


It felt very good to get back out there shooting and climbing under the full moon, just the "Moonlight Tricksters" and me.

  • Mounting

    All prints are delivered ready to hang with a 1 inch backing that "floats" your print off the wall.  This gives your photo that extra pop and gallery style look.

  • Signature

    All metal prints (except the 8x12) come with a backstamp printed onto the back of the photo.  The backstamp includes the name of the photo, the location (including the name of the rock climb where applicable), and my signature.  

    I personally sign and title all acrylic prints.

  • Acrylic vs. Metal

    I only work with the highest quality printers for my work.  So, whether you choose to go with a metal or acrylic print, I guarantee that you'll be happy with your new art.  


    The metal prints are printed on ChromaLuxe aluminum panels.  They are a great lightweight option.


    The acrylic prints are printed on a Lumachrome HD photopaper and then finished off with an acrylic facemount.  This is the absolute highest standard in photo printing.  If you want the best of the best, this is your option and it is the one I choose to display in my own home.

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